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Sphere Cut Turquoise Chalchuite Stone Prayer Beads (Misbaha – Sebha)



QUALITIES: There is something about turquoise that has always made it a very protective and a very loving stone to the person who carries it. It wants to protect you from the environment, whether it is negative energy you fear or it is physical dangers. Turquoise is going to give you alertness and wisdom to find and avoid anything that might cause harm to you.

HISTORY: Turquoise has made a huge impact on the Native American cultures, but it is been around for an extremely long time all across the world. Its distinct color has made it hugely popular among jewelers and decorations all across the world. it is something that has been all around the world. You can find it from everywhere that makes in any way contact with the

CHAKRA WORK: When it comes to turquoise, this is a stone that is heavily utilized with the throat chakra to help regulate the flow of communication and energy to the world around you. Use this to open up your flow.

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100% genuine leather
– Length: 27 cm
– Bead Size: 8 mm
– Tassel Length: 10 cm

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