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Sphere Cut Onyx Prayer Beads (Misbaha – Sebha) With Crescent Star Tassel



QUALITIES: Onyx is going to really come into play on days that you are looking to really get some mental clarity and some objective thinking on matters. Its? a decision stone that is going to help control your emotions and passions. It is going to also push away negative thinking and help you find the answers that you seek, no matter where it is you are searching. It is going to push away stress so that you can come to the conclusions that you need to.

HISTORY: Onyx has been extremely popular for a long time because of It is strange, enchanting darkness that has made cultures all across the world feel drawn to its power and presence. It is a stone that has popped up again and again in its multiple varieties in jewelry and decorations. The striking darkness of onyx has made it a favorite among artists.

CHAKRA WORK: When you are working with onyx I would suggest that you utilize it best with the third eye chakra and really do some searching for it. Explore in the spiritual world with an objective and clear head. Get the answers you want.

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– Material : Solid 1000 Sterling Silver and Onyx Gemstone
– Full Length: 27 cm
– Tassel Length: 11 cm
– Bead Size: 8 mm

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