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Sphere Cut Genuine Jet Prayer Beads (Misbaha – Sebha) With Chalchuite Inlays



QUALITIES: Jet is a stone that is used for those that are practitioners of the magical arts and are looking to be more attuned to the spiritual world. It will help you with your spiritual energy and keeping your body in tune with what it is you are looking to find. This stone is going to help keep you attached to the energy around you.

HISTORY: When it comes to jet, the culture that loved and adored jet the most was the Romans. they utilized it in every facet of life that they could get away with using it as. They made jewelry, cameos, and even used it in their use of magic. It has made a presence in many other cultures, but really came back to life in the Victorian Era when it was popular for jewelry.

CHAKRA WORK: Jet is not a stone that is commonly utilized in chakra work and is rarely brought in for meditational properties.

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– Material : Solid 925 Sterling Silver and Jet Gemstone
– Full Length: 30 cm
– Length from the Grip: 19 cm
– Bead Size: 10 x 10 mm

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