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Rhodonite Prayer Beads with Sterling Silver Components – Misbaha – Subha – Tasbih

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QUALITIES: If you?re looking to deal with a lot of mental dissonance and chaos, then Rhodonite is going to help you with just that. Whether you?re looking to alleviate a certain amount of chaos that is causing unrest or just perpe-trate a center of calm and confidence, you?ll be able to. This stone is great at pulling away confusion an anxiety and help you see what it is you need to truly work on.

HISTORY: Rhodonite is a stone that is very hard to ignore and it is very distinct when you see it. The bold pink that it commonly associates itself with has been the fixation of those looking to decorate or make affordable, yet striking jewelry and that?s the presence that Rhodonite has made throughout history. You can find it in affordable jewelry and d?cor for those who have the money to spend on something truly beautiful.

CHAKRA WORK: Rhodonite is very popular for those looking to work with the third eye chakra, helping to push away any kind of mental confusions that might be clouding their pursuit of higher knowledge. It has also helped with the crown chakra. It all depends on which you need to utilize..

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Item Details

Handcrafted of 33 high grade genuine rhodoniite beads, Sterling silver spacers, handle and tassel. The spacing between the beads is around 2-3 beads wide. Free of Charge Worldwide Delivery. All our products are supplied in a Stylish Jewelry Gift Box.


Bead Diameter: 0.8 cm (0.31 inch.)
Length: 30 cm (11.79 inch.)
Weight: 45 gr (1.58 oz)

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