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Moonstone Prayer Beads with Sterling Silver components – Misbaha – Subha – Tasbih

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QUALITIES: Moonstone is most powerful when you couple it with lunar events and heavenly signs. It?s the stone that is working heavily in your emotions and is all about developing your inner strength and cultivating a your psy-chic abilities. It?s going to help you maintain some harmony throughout your day.

HISTORY: The Romans admired moonstone and they believed that moonstones were made by the solidifying of-moonlight and forcing it into a stone. It has been a representative for lunar deities since then and it has made an appearance in decorations and jewelry for many nations and has continued to endure in popularity to this day.

CHAKRA WORK: When you?re working with moonstone, you?re probably going to utilize it the most when you?re
working on your crown chakra to keep you in tune with the cosmic order.

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Item Details

8mm 33 count high grade genuine moonstone beads, 925 silver (Sterling) beads, handle and tassel. The spacing between the beads is around 2-3 beads wide. All our products are supplied in a Stylish Jewelry Gift Box.


Bead Diameter: 0.8 cm (0.31 inch.)
Length: 22 cm (8.64 inch.) including tassel
Weight: 74 gr (2.6 oz)

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