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Misty Yellow Natural Amber Worry Beads Misbaha

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Natural Amber is well known for its ability to heal sciatica, muscle and back pain, cramps as well as rheumatism.
When you hold it your hands it quickly drains all the bad energy and helps to overcome depression. Amber emits southing vibes and charges its owner with vital power.
Though Amber is considered to be a gemstone. However, it is the fossilized resin of ancient trees that existed tens of millions of years ago. Amber comes in a range of warm, beautiful colors including pale yellow, honey gold, orange or reddish brown, and can be transparent to opaque.

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Item Details

Handcrafted of 36 NATURAL yellow Amber beads, Amber Imam and cotton tassel. The spacing between the beads is around 2-3 beads wide. Free World Wide Delivery and Handmade Luxury Gift box.


Bead Diameter: 1.4 cm
Length: 45.5 cm
Weight: 64 gr

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