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Jasper Bracelet

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QUALITIES: The qualities of jasper change depending upon which color you?re utilizing for your pres-ence or your meditation work, but all of them have their various qualities. You can use green to stimu-late your connection with others, or red to ground you, or yellow to boost your energy and your pres-ence in the lives of others. It all depends upon the stone that you?re carrying with you.

HISTORY: There has been a lot of references to jasper through the history of the world and it has been very popular in cultures such as the Assyrians, the Hebrews, the Greeks, and the Romans. You can find a multitude of references and it has always been utilized as a craftsman stone, whether to make ornamental d?cor or jewelry for the owner.

CHAKRA WORK: Once more, to sound like a broken record, it all depends upon the color you select. It can be utilized for root chakra, solar plexus chakra, or heart chakra, depending upon the color that you?re using for your work. Decide which area you want to work with and then start using it.

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Item Details

Handcrafted of high grade jasper beads, hematite beads. The beads are strung together with an elastic tie and this size fits most wrists. All our products are supplied in a Stylish Jewelry Gift Box.


Bead Diameter: 0.7 cm (0.27 inch.)
Length: Flexible (Suitable for wrists up to 8″)
Weight: 11 gr (0.38 oz)

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